rcdh20thumb.jpgCCR 733: Rhetoric, Composition,

and Digital Humanities

Spring 2014

Instructor: Collin Gifford Brooke (@cgbrooke),

cgbrooke at gmail dot com
Course Sites: http://rcdh14.wikispaces.com, http://rcdh14.tumblr.com
Hashtag: #rcdh14
Time/Place: HBC 020/239, Mondays, 5:15 - 8:05 pm

Over the past several years, Digital Humanities (DH) has emerged as a new, transdisciplinary area of inquiry, a more-or-less coherent field of study that promises either to revitalize or to ruin the humanities, depending on whom you ask. Our goals for this course will be less diagnostic, or even definitional. Instead, we will be surveying some of the key vocabulary, methods, and platforms gathered under the umbrella of DH, particularly as they relate to the concerns, both scholarly and pedaogical, of rhetoric and composition. The course will be distributed across a variety of sites, including our physical classroom, individual blogs, a course wiki, Tumblr, Twitter, Zotero, and others. Technological expertise is not required, but a willingness to experiment is recommended.

If you are a graduate student in another program, and are interested in taking this course, please let me know. My goal is for this course to be accessible to students from across the humanities, so you are more than welcome.

A PDF version of this syllabus is forthcoming.